Getting Started

Welcome to Bodyshop ON DEMAND!  Getting Started couldn’t be easier.  Follow the simple steps below and you will be well on your way to the new you.

Bodyshop On Demand Account Setup

  1. Setup an ON DEMAND Account Here.
  2. Purchase an ON Demand Membership Plan as part of your account setup. (A Bodyshop Studio Account is not required.)
  3. Once your ON Demand Login Account is setup, Sign In to unlock access to our extensive library of On Demand classes in the Virtual Studio.
***Studio Members – If your Studio Membership includes Bodyshop On Demand Access as part of your monthly membership, you will receive an email with instructions for setting up your Bodyshop On Demand Account when your Studio Membership is activated.  If you do not have an On Demand Account, Contact the Studio.

What to expect for your first On Demand Class

  • Our On Demand videos vary in lengths and formats. See Class Descriptions for more specific details by class type.
  • Classes are pretty direct and jump right into the workout for the day. Not a lot of fluff. If you ever have any questions, need any assistance or guidance, please reach out.
  • Classes are designed for all levels and abilities. Options for specific movements and modifications are provided in general.
  • If you have any specific needs, limitations or are looking for options or modifications for specific movement, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We are here to help this be a fun and exciting experience.

Be Prepared! What do you need for class?

  • All Videos are hosted through the website for easy access to our full collection. You will need an internet connection and a device with an internet browser for accessing the videos. Phone, Tablet/Ipad, Computer, Etc.
  • Bring a Water Bottle!  
  • Have a towel available, especially for our HIIT classes.
  • Depending on your workout space, Shoes may be desired.
  • While not a requirement, a yoga mat will help to define your workout space for class, provide traction and assist in postures or movements.
  • Equipment needs vary by class. See Class Descriptions for more details. Classes are designed based on limited equipment needs of a typical home studio or things that you may have readily available at home.
  • Clean Up – It is handy to have a bottle of Mat Cleaner or Wipes available for wiping things down when class is done.

Making the Best of Technology

There are so many different technology options available for setting up and hosting On Demand Fitness.  Our goal is to keep things simple, which is why we limit our classes to a browser based platform.  Whether you want to join from your Phone, Tablet/Ipad or Computer, here are a few simple setups that help to make the most of your experience.

  • iPhone or iPad – A phone or tablet can be a great workout companion.  Compact, Portable, and Easy to have Close to You.  Working out from your phone or tablet is not a bad setup.  If this is your primary setup, we suggest investing in a stand or holder that will help to position the angle of your screen for following along.
  • AirPlay & Apple TV  – We have many members that prefer to cast their workout to a television or monitor.  For Apple Devices, using the Airplay feature on an Apple TV is often the preferred approach.  AirPlay has been around for some time and is a standard feature even on older generation Apple TV’s.  This is a great option for casting classes to your TV from your Apple devices.
  • HDMI Cables & Adapters – There are many Apple & Mac HDMI Cables and Adapters available to directly connect your Apple device to your television.  Whether you need a Lightning or USB-C connector for your device, check the DisplayPort or AV MultiPort options  for your Apple device that will easily allow you to enjoy your workout on your TV or Monitor.
  • Android Phone or Tablet – A phone or tablet can be a great workout companion.  Compact, Portable, and Easy to have Close to You.  Working out from your phone or tablet is not a bad setup.  If this is your primary setup, we suggest investing in a stand or holder that will help to position the angle of your screen for following along.
  • Android Casting  – From your Android Device, Phone or Tablet, you have options to cast your browser to certain devices.  For example Google Chrome Browser can cast to a Chromecast, Roku or other connected devices to cast to your Television wirelessly.  Some TV’s have these capabilities integrated, while others require separate hardware.  An option to consider, depending on your space and setup.
  • Television Cables – There are cables available for most devices that allow for you to plug in your device directly to a television.  At the studio we use various types of HDMI cables and converters to be able to display our Live Sessions on TV’s so that we can better view the class members.  It is a highly effective approach as it does not require wireless connectivity or bog down your wireless network.
  • Computers – Similar to phones and tablets, laptops and desktop computers can make for a great streaming source for your On Demand subscription.  Access and mobility can be limiting depending on your setup.  Consider setting up your monitor or Laptop to better suite your workout space.  With any internet browser, you can access our full library of On Demand classes.
  • Computer Casting & Screen Mirroring to TV/Monitor – Your browser or computer also has wireless casting or screen mirroring abilities utilizing applications such as:
      • Google Chrome with Chromcast
      • Apple AirPlay
      • Microsoft Miracast
      • Samsung Smart View
      • Amazon Fire Screen Mirroring
      • Roku TV Screen Mirroring
      • And more…. 
  • HDMI Cables & Adapters – If your Laptop or Computer has an integrated HDMI Out or Video Out capability, you may be able to simply plug directly into your TV or Monitor to mirror your computer screen.  Ensure your TV/Monitor Input is adjusted to the input used where your cable is plugged in and adjust your computers display settings to optimize the experience.
  • Online Resources – If you are setting up a custom experience or space for your On Demand classes, there are many resources available online.  Each setup is highly dependent upon your equipment used.  We suggest first researching your setup  on Google, YouTube and other online resources.  As each setup is unique, you will find there are a lot of online resources available that may tailor to your specific setup and equipment.
  • Audio – Depending on your setup, your audio source may or may not pass through your wireless or cable connected setup.  This is traditionally an issue with older HDMI Cables and Equipment that do not necessarily pass through audio as you would expect.  Attempt to use a newer HDMI Cable or Test on a newer device to isolate the issue.  Don’t forget to double check your devices volume settings to ensure the volume for the specific output is not muted or turned down, and the same for the TV or Monitor.
  • Video – With varying setups, troubleshooting video can be somewhat specific to your approach.  If you are experiencing issues, please double check that your cables are securely connected, or that your wireless devices have an established connection, and if possible test with an alternative media source.  If you are receiving a signal, adjustments to your TV or Monitor Video settings and Aspect Ratio may assist in providing a better experience.  Your Computers display settings may also be able to be adjusted to optimize the experience.
  • Assistance & Feedback – We are happy to assist however we can with optimizing your setup and to help troubleshooting any issues.  Feel free to Contact Us.  If you have suggestions or updates that you recommend for other users, we appreciate your feedback.